Alberto G. Urquidez

Monterey, California

About Me

I was born and raised in the Salinas Valley, California.  My hometown, Greenfield, is a predominantly migrant, Mexican-American community.  This agricultural hub is home to many farmworkers, including many of my family members.

I discovered philosophy at Hartnell Community College, in Salinas, California.  It was during my first college semester that I decided I would get a PhD in philosophy.  I accomplished this in 2016.  I have since then reconstructed and expanded the argument of my dissertation; the result of this effort is a series of publications, including my recently published monograph. 

Inspired by the many excellent professors that I've had the joy of learning from, and collaborating with, over the years, I have cultivated a strong passion for teaching.  Facilitating those eye-opening ("aha") experiences for students are always the best.  My teaching and research objectives come together at this juncture: my primary pedagogical objective is to demonstrate the relevance of philosophical thinking to issues that impact people of color.  

With my spouse, Marielynn, and Ludwig Lovers Point, Pacific Grove, California
With my mother, Elena, celebrating my book publication Greenfield, California